Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blogging In The 'Burbs

Hi everyone,
This is my first blog,so I hope I can tell you a little about what we hope to accomplish, and also a bit about who we are.We are internet marketers working from home,who are new to going green,and are willing to share tips about recycling,environmental sites,kid-friendly eco-sites,non-toxic cleaners,and some great health products for you to try out.We are 2 forty-something married marketers,with backgrounds in sales and education,with one daughter,age 23, and one very spoiled cat,Rory.
I began my foray into the world of non-toxic cleaners after using a popular brand of cleaner to clean hard water scale in a bathroom.Said cleaner comes in a big purple bottle,and rhymes with "zoom".Hopefully,the manufacturers of it won't take offense ,but I had respiratory problems for 3 days following the use of it in a very well ventilated room,fan on,windows wide open,etc.At that point,I began to take stock of how many commercially made cleaners were in my home,how many had dire warnings on them,and how many were potentially toxic to myself and my family.Of concern also,was the fact that if I used them,they would be rinsed down the drain into a septic tank,in a town where all of our water supply comes from town wells.As our town already has issues with a large waste reclamation site in our town,and residents have signs up all near it saying"What's In YOUR Water?", it really made me reconsider my options.
So my cat & husband now wrinkle their noses up at the smell of vinegar,and have to ignore the residue of baking soda in the bathtub,or use of lemon oil to clean furniture,but at least they won't get ill from the fumes,unless of course one is sensitive to the lemon oil,as some people with multiple sensitivity disorder are,as is one person I spoke with recently.
I will be posting more next week about non-toxic,home-made cleaners,as well as places to buy reputable organic,safe cleaners for use in the home.This is an area I am exploring and researching,and we welcome tips from readers on this,and will be including them in next week's postings. Greenmom